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Welcome to my website!  I am a qualified Fusion Registered Life Coach, Person-centred Counsellor and Reiki Master based in South Northamptonshire.  It is my privilege and pleasure to help people make positive and lasting improvements to their lives thus bringing  more rewarding and enriched future.

I can help you in all areas of your life including gaining confidence, overcoming anxiety and depression,  I will enable you to close the gap between where you are in your life and where you would like to be.  Please click on any of the links below to find out more...

Life Coaching

How happy are you in your life?  Could you be happier?  Are you at a crossroads?  Life Coaching can help you evaluate where you are now and enable you to set goals for a better future.  Coaching offers effective treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD and much more.


Are you feeling stressed, worried, bereaved, anxious or simply do not know which way to turn?  Often talking to someone outside the situation helps and my role is to help you explore these problems and concerns in a safe, confidential and comfortable environment.

The person-centred approach enables the client to find their own solutions to problems and develop their own inner resources.


Reiki is a non-intrusive form of natural healing which is used to bring calmness to mind, body and spirit.  It helps to restore Ki (life force energy) in the body.  When life force energy is low people become susceptible to illness, depression and stress.

Combined sessions

Over the years I have discovered many clients enjoy combined sessions of either Life Coaching or Counselling followed by a Reiki treatment so this is an available option - I am always led by the client's wishes.

Reiki Training

Reiki is taught in three stages which must be done in order, each level following on from the last.  Each stage is complete in itself, many people only ever do the first or second stage while others progress to Reiki Master Level which allows them to teach Reiki to others.  I teach Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki to Master Level.

Lots of Exciting Workshops planned for 2018:

One Day Can Change Your life

Our next workshop is due to take place on Saturday 27th January 2018 at

St Mary's Transept Room, Redbourn Hertfordshire AL3 7NL. between 10am and 4:30pm.

To find out more click the link above or go to the Wellbeing Workshops page.

Vision Board Workshop

Make 2018 your best year yet!

Take a life audit to see where you are now and what you would like for 2018

Create your own unique vision board that represents your intentions for the year ahead

Learn what steps to take to make the vision become a reality 

Date: 10th February 10am - 1pm

Venue: Simpson Village Hall, Hanmer Road, Simpson MK6 3AY

To find out more click the link above or go to the Wellbeing Workshops page.

The Fusion Mindfulness Based Mind Management 8-week course

An advanced MBSR programme

Commencing Wednesday 11th April 2018 7:30 – 9:30pm
Do you suffer from stress?
The Fusion Mindfulness Based Mind Management programme
gives you a toolbox of skills to help you live your best life

To find out more click on the link above or go to the Wellbeing Workshops page.

Tony Mills - Energetic Wisdom

Tony's will next be in Northampton in March 2018 - details will be posted once finalised.

Tony Mills, Soul Whisperer of Energetic Wisdom is a channel of Higher Energies. Quickly getting to the root cause of physical and emotional imbalances.  Experiencing Energetic Wisdom for yourself is a unique experience which you will find both fascinating and positively life changing.

To find out more click the link above or go to the Wellbeing Workshops page

Feel your best.  Be your best.  Live your best life.

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