Counselling testimonials

"It made me talk about things that were the underlying problem, that I did not realise was the problem" KT

"I'm feeling much better, thanks to lengthy conversations with Cindy - I think I can cope now" AB

"Cindy is a natural listener who helped me so much.  It has been a massive support to me.  Thank you" AM

"I would like to thank Cindy for being there at this dark time" SM

Life Coaching and Reiki sessions combined

      "Cindy has supported me in my journey - from supporting my marriage to just giving me that extra surge of energy needed for life.                    She has been the impetus in restoring my body, mind and soul through her channelling of energy and giving me a great sense of                        peace and restoring my life force" LT

Reiki treatment testimonials

"Cindy is a calm and focussed Reiki giver, an excellent listener and wise counsellor.  Overall reliable and trustworthy" EO

"I can heartily recommend Cindy as a Reiki practitioner.  She is extremely professional and experienced, but more than that she is a gifted healer" MS

Reiki training testimonials

"Thank you Cindy for another brilliant day.  Such a warm atmosphere and support through my Reiki journey.  Absolutely loved every minute of the experience - can't imagine my life without Reiki now.  It would not have been possible if I had not met you. You are a fantastic Master and Teacher, always happy to answer my questions, always a pleasure to speak to you.  Thank you. (Reiki 2) IS

"I spent a lovely day with Cindy for my Reiki II attunement, learnt a great deal and enjoyed discussing Reiki and related topics with her.  I recommend anyone interested in starting or progressing with Reiki to contact Cindy, she is great to work with and very supportive" Nikki

"Thank you for a wonderful experience on  my Reiki 1 course" GH

"Many thanks for taking me through my Reiki Master course.  It was a lovely day which I never thought I would ever do.  I really enjoyed working with you and appreciated your patience, knowledge and understanding care. Finding the right Reiki Master is hard but I know I couldn't have found anyone better to have worked with."  Shirley

Mindfulness training feedback

      When asked what was most enjoyed on the course "It made me feel calm" (M), "Very helpful course, I feel more confident" (S) and                     Course very good, teacher excellent, I would attend future courses"(C)

Feel your best.  Be your best.  Live your best life.