Mindfulness Workshops

I offer Mindfulness workshops for groups and the workplace, I can tailor the workshop to suit needs from one hour to one day.

The effects mindfulness has on people can be quite remarkable, a recent study was carried out in May last year (2018) by the University of Surrey. They evaluated an online course by Bemindful.co.uk and found out that by the end of the course depression rates had fallen by 63%, Anxiety by 58%. The participants were tested again after 3 and 6 months and they were still feeling the same level of benefits.

Feedback from the courses I ran in February and May 2019:
"Very relaxing and useful"
"Made me think of all the good things I have in my life and ways to help me improve on the less favourable aspects. Relaxation techniques will be a great help"
"Course interesting with some good points/ideas to help with stress etc"
                         "Felt this course was very useful as I suffer from anxiety. Tips to help me de-stress"                                                         "Relaxed and good mix of activity and training"                               

Great to see companies starting to take an interest in their employees wellbeing, if you know of any companies that might benefit, please ask them to get in touch.

Wellbeing Workshops

Fusion Breakthrough  - 1 Day Can Change your life!

Cindy and Jenny Capaldi have successfully ran this course in Milton Keynes and Redbourn, please get in touch to find out more and for future dates.  The course is equivalent to 4 or 5 life coaching sessions in content.

I am happy to run a course to suit your needs - please get in touch to discuss.  Course content is ideal for enrichment/ inset days, the information can easily be used in the classroom, an accompanying book is available.  

Mindfulness courses now available - can be tailored to suit your needs - please get in touch to find out more

workshops with Cindy Hancock

Feedback from the 2018 course included:

"Enjoyed the experience - very professional."

"Very well run and helpful"

When asked what changes they would make as a result of the course - comments included:

"Will definitely be more positive in my attitude."

"I will put my toolbox into action and lift my head up high."

"Turn negative thoughts into positive.  Pause.  Be more in control of my brain."

Energetic Wisdom Healing workshops with Tony Mills

I had great pleasure hosting Tony's workshop and his individual sessions from my therapy room in Roade NN7 in October 2018 and May 2019.  Please check back for future dates when Tony will be teaching people to use the Living Lens - a powerful healing tool (see more below), his work is based on Louise Hay.  Please get in touch to find out more or express interest.  

Would you like to have your very own holistic health practitioner on call 24/7? One that you can reveal all your personal and embarrassing secrets to? Without fear of ever being judged or your embarrassing secrets revealed?  The Living Lens holistic healing disk offers you this option, and is your very own personal, on demand, healing device that can be used discreetly almost anywhere.

The Living Lens holistic healing disk was channelled to Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills, in a vision from Higher Source many years ago. The Living Lens is a small round healing device that is held in the palm of the hand while repeating certain affirmations. When used precisely, the Living Lens has the power to rapidly bring about positive change.

Introduction to the Living Lens holistic healing disk – its origin, sacred purpose and care.
The fundamentals of muscle testing as a basic tool of detection and how to interpret the truths recorded and held in the body.
* How to use your own body as a self-testing tool.
* Learn about the very common problem of parasitic negative energy attachment and using the Living Lens holistic    healing disk to safely, and efficiently remove them from yourself and others.
* You will gain an understanding of neurological switching. How this negatively impacts us. How to detect this in yourself and others  and how to correct this imbalance.
* Detecting hidden, non-beneficial programs and how to use the Living Lens holistic healing disk to clear these.
* How to use the Living Lens holistic healing disk to ‘feed’ positive affirmations into the energetic system.
* As a bonus, if time permits, you will also learn about alternative forms of dowsing using dowsing rods and pendulums.

Born and raised in north Wales, Tony Mills began working as a therapist over 30 years ago. After learning various healing techniques, including massage, kinesiology and becoming a Reiki Master and Osteopath, Tony then realised he was a channel of Higher Energies and was being given information that finally led him to the work he does today.

Energetic Wisdom is an holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of a person – body, mind, emotions and spirit. With his compassionate manner, Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills, will locate areas of blockages in each person and offer insights into why these have occurred.  Then with the aid of his Spirit Guides and the Living Lens, will assist each person in releasing the energetic blockages that are causing the physical or emotional dis-ease or dis-comfort. Find out more by visiting: https://energetic-wisdom.co.uk/

Energetic Wisdom and the Living Lens are like the ‘magic wand’ you had always wished for.   They locate the trigger, target the bulls’ eye, reformat the hard drive, and restore the system back to its full potential in a very short time. 

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