Following another successful visit in September 2015, Tony will return during 2016

Tony Mills - Energetic Wisdom is a fast track to health and happiness.  Positive and often life changing results are recognised within days.

Tony Mill's healing abilities are unique and revolutionary and are sure to be famous one day soon.  This is YOUR chance to experience this amazing healing.  Clients who have experienced little change from years of trying other therapies are often amazed at how rapid positive changes come from Energetic Wisdom.

Group Healing Circle

Date and time to be arranged...

Join us for an often profound healing and transformational experience with Tony Mills, Shamanic Diviner.  Tony is an expert in the world of geopathic and electromagnetic stress and as a former osteopath who discovered that to better help his clients he had to go more deeply into the mental, emotional and spiritual issues presented by them.

This led Tony to develop a unique method of detecting, analysing and addressing deep-seated energetic blockages that cause pain and illness and hold us back in all aspects of our lives and which cannot be addressed purely by physical manipulation.

Cost: £35, a £10 deposit secures your place - contact Cindy on 0797 4443363 or e-mail via the contact page.

Photo shows Group Healing Circle- each person receives an indivdual healing tailored to their needs.

Other services Tony will be offering:

Individual appointments - Reaching into his many years of knowledge working with various healing modalities, Tony explores mind, body, emotional and spiritual aspects of our health.  He has developed unique but powerful techniques to bring awareness to our blockages and then clear them in order that we can move forward in our lives in whatever way we seek. These techniques include dowsing to diagnose energy blockages in the spine, meridians and energy centres of the body and auric layers.  Once found these negative and discordant energies are removed and harmonised, facilitating emotional release, spiritual integration and a detoxification of our whole system.   Tony achieves this mostly by using the Living Lens and with the assistance of his spiritual guides.  With his kind manner and fun-loving nature, the whole process can often be both enjoyable and emotionally profound.

Tony helps clients with a vast array of issues, from emotional to physical.  Clients have consulted Tony to assist with their feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life and not moving forward to life threatening illnesses.  Read testimonials from clients about how Tony has helped them.

House harmonising - Tony also harmonises people and properties of electromagnetic and geopathic stress as well as negative, parasitic energies that have attached themselves to the person or property.  Learn more why home harmonising is so important.

Living Lens Training

Tony offers training in how to use the Living Lens - owning and using the Living lens is like having your own 24hr therapist!

The disc has been independently assessed by practitioners with psychometric gifts and found to create a vortex through its sacred geometrical patterns which were channelled by Tony, and which magnifies healing and positive intention.

By holding the Living lens in each hand, and stating out loud the key words that represent the weakening feeling, the energetic blockage caused by this weakness is brought from the depths, out into the accessible areas of the subtle body, where the positive intention, again reinforced by the Living Lens can act upon it and clear it.

The Living Lens is producing amazing outcomes and greatly simplifying, as well as accelerating, the healing process of many of Tony's clients, their families and friends.  Read more about the Living Lens at

Feel your best.  Be your best.  Live your best life.